New Rules Remake

Purpose of this task was to focus on the performance element, which is the actress mouthing the lyrics.

New Rules Remake from Sabine on Vimeo.



Additional Work 2

Over the summer holidays I did a 2 week internship with PBS Broadcast Jersey.

Throughout the 2 weeks I edited for The Luxury Travel Show and Travel In Style, and filmed Jersey’s Battle of Flowers for the BBC.

Below is the link for Travel In Style, Banff episode. Within this episode I edited footage of people skiing in Banff, the scenery, slopes and the helicopter which takes guests to the mountains.

I was given huge amounts of footage to search through and find the right ones to put into the episode. I also had to find the music to go with the footage and make sure it fit the theme of the whole episode. I edited this all on Final Cut Pro X which was really interesting as I have only ever worked with Adobe and iMovie.

At the end of the episode, PBS Broadcast Jersey have put me as ‘Assistant Editor’ in the credits.

The footage I edited starts at 18:30

Password to access the episode: TIS2017

Digipak Idea 1

Front Cover

I am thinking of using my actress as the front cover of the album. Like the Lana Del Rey, West Coast album, I would use a beachy background as the sea is my main location in my music video. From that, I would like to make the picture look like a faded polaroid (similar to the one below). This would link with my song title , ‘Faded’, and my main prop, polaroid pictures.

Unknown.jpeg    images-5.jpeg


I am thinking of keeping the disc quite simple so the focus is more on the front cover. Using a plain blue disc (like the colour ‘Baby Blue’ below), or having an image of the sea.shades-of-blue-color-pattern-chart.jpg





On the inside of the digipak, I could have my actress on the beach, looking out at sea (like the pictures below)

images-7.jpeg Unknown-2.jpeg

Back Cover

On the back cover I’ll have the names of the songs in my album. I would like to use a picture of the sun setting on the sea which would link to my chosen song as the sun would be ‘fading’ away.



I want the fonts to be bold so they can be read easily. I like fonts used in Lana Del Rey’s and Lorde’s albums.


Digipak Draft 2 – Halsey Badlands

Using Adobe Photoshop, I recreated a second Digipak. I recreated Halsey’s Badlands album cover. I added a turquoise background, added a rock and then tinted the layers pink to get a similar effect. Finally, I added text which was the artist’s name and her album cover name. I tried to make the font as similar to the original so, I used the font ‘Impact’ and aligned the letters to mimic the original.


Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.45.45



Digipak Draft – Taylor Swift 1989

Using Adobe Photoshop, I was able to replicate the album cover of 1989. I took a picture of Jasmine on a white background and then imported it into Photoshop. I then found a polaroid boarder online and then added the text and the parental advisory logo. I used many filters to get similar colours of the photo such as using sepia and focusing on yellow and red tints. Finally, I feathered the edges of the picture and then put a black background behind it to give it an authentic polaroid look.


Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 09.12.39

Actors, Costumes, Locations and Props


Following on from the auditions, I have decided to go with Lucy to be my female protagonist in my music video. She will be the main focus of the video as she will be singing.


Using my target audience interview results, I have chosen an actress who is a teenager. When researching pop much videos, I have noticed the actors are quite young such as Dua Lipa in ‘New Rules’ and Madison Beer in ‘Dead’.


So, using a young female as my protagonist conforms tot he codes and conventions a pop music video.


Lucy’s main costume is a dark blue playsuit with a train which has white patterns on it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 09.07.29.png

I believe this costume conforms to the codes and conventions of a pop music video as it is similar to Lorde’s outfits in her music video, ‘Perfect Places’.


The outfit’s colour is blue which portrays the sadness of the song as Lucy tries to find someone she loved dearly from the past. Also this outfit was voted most popular in my target audience interview.

Lucy’ second costume will be a knitted jumper dress.


This outfit is very different to her first, however, I will be using this outfit in the grassy/wooded location. I would like my music to portray the different seasons so, summer is the main outfit at the beach, and autumn is the knitted dress in the woods. The outfit will be similar to Miley’s in ‘Malibu’.



I will be having two locations in my music video. The first one is the beach. References to the sea and water is in the lyrics of my chosen song so, I want to have a location which links back to the song. I will be using St. Ouen’s bay and St. Brelade’s Bay which looks very similar to Miley Cyrus’ music video, ‘Malibu’.


I will also be taking advantage of capturing the sunset to recreate the overlay effect Miley Cyrus uses.



The second location will be a grassy/wooded area like or St Ouen’s Common or St. Cathrine’s Woods.


I want to have a variety of locations as that is what you typically see in a pop music video. I want to capture nature to portray my narrative so, using a grassy/wooded area, similar to ‘Malibu’, will achieve this.


I want to have Lucy searching for someone in the woods and end up being lost to signify she is lost without this particular person.


My main prop will be a polaroid camera which was voted most popular in my target audience interview. I like the idea of capturing the good memories and then looking back on them when times are proving to be difficult. I also like the fact that polaroids fade away which link to the song title of my song, Faded. I think this prop forms to the codes and conventions of a pop video as it is used in Halsey’s music video which is called ‘Colors’.


I think it is better than using a phone as one can hold the memories. I will have Lucy looking at polaroids of the person she misses and tries to find.


Auditions for Faded from Sabine on Vimeo.

Following on from the Target Audience Interview answers, to find the best teenage actress to be in my music video, I conducted some lip syncing auditions and had 4 actresses take part. During the auditions, I was looking for someone who could lip sync well and be in time with the music, have the ability to use emotion and also someone who is not afraid of the camera.

In the end, I thought that Lucy was the best

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 20.27.53She showed confidence, she was in time with the music and she was very expressive. I think she is perfect for the music video.

I think Lucy’s confidence to perform in front of a camera is similar to current pop stars today, for example:

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 12.07.47 Zara Larsson in Ain’t My FaultScreen Shot 2017-12-10 at 12.05.48Dua Lipa in New Rules

You need to find an actress who can perform in front of people and the camera without getting shy or feeling embarrassed, I feel that Lucy isn’t camera shy and can definitely act when in this situation.

I also think Lucy uses her face a lot to portray her emotions which is extremely important when using an actor in a music video as they need to understand the lyrics and use the right emotion to go with it. I believe Lucy is quite similar to:

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 12.19.49Madison Beer in DeadScreen Shot 2017-12-10 at 12.15.55Selena Gomez in The Heart Wants What It Wants

Practice: Tracking Shot with different backgrounds

Using the GoPro Hero5 with he karma grip, I was able to practice a tracking shot and editing technique that I would like to use in my final music video. I would like to have my actress singing the song but have the background changing such as the season changing around her as she is walking.

Below is my practice of this technique. From looking at my practice, I see that one from shot to the next my actress’ hair is out of place and in one of the shots I am filming my actress straight on but, on the next shot I am filming her slighting behind. Also, in one of the shots my actress is looking to the side but, in the next shot she looking straight on.

From doing this practice, I now know what to look out for in terms of having my actress looking the same from one shot to the next.

Testing: Tracking shot with different backgrounds from Sabine on Vimeo.